A little Fairy Door is a Magical Little Door that you attach low on a wall, high on a shelf or in another secret place inside your home. Once the Fairy Door is attached to the wall, the Fairies will know how to use it to come in and out. They only come out at night and are sometimes known to exchange Notes and Gifts with their children friends. Don't try and open the Fairy Door though, only the fairies can open the fairy door and it may scare the fairies away if the door is not treated with care. Each 'lil Fairy Door comes with a bottle of magic fairy dust and a note to the fairies to get you started. Inspiring ideas can be found on our inspiration page at www.littlefairydoor.com Bring a little imaginative play into your world. Perfect toy to stimulates your child's imagination, promotes creative thinking, special family time. Invite the Fairies into your home.